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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

Sunday Podcasts

Sunday Service Audio Recordings

Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

Our most recent audio recordings are listed below.

For a complete list of available audio and video recordings, visit Questhaven Academy.

SpeakerPodcastAngels in Music
09/17/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Angels of music have often inspired receptive composers to bring through beautiful melodies, healing harmonies and transforming vibrations of sound. Keep seeking out new recordings of beautiful music; build a therapeutic 'sound bank.' Listen deeply to absorb the vibrations of inspiring melodies that will give you strength,resilience and deeper spiritual attunement with celestial choirs and powers of Light coming to you. Each day, like beholding shining stars, cherish the Angels' songs present all around you.

SpeakerPodcastHealing Angels and Their Work With Us
09/10/2017 by Reverend Felice Reynolds

Everywhere around us we are surrounded by Angelic helpers who we can tune into by praying to God for Their intervention in our lives. One of these orders of Angels is that of the healing Angels, Whose blue emanations, bless us with strengthening, cleansing and renewing on all levels of our beings.

SpeakerPodcastA Vision for Questhaven Today
09/03/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

To begin to grasp a vision for Questhaven today, each one of us need to first realize that a great Hierarchy of Perfected Ones chose this work to be a place for the dissemination of esoteric Christianity in the way of mysticism. They sent in Flower and Lawrence Newhouse to found it and each of us in our own generation to carry it forth. It's vision today requires each of us to reflect on our own spiritual journey and to approach Christ by asking, How can I serve thee more deeply? As answers come, the future of Questhaven is forged. A Master once spoke through Flower to each of us saying: Prime your days and count them your invaluable treasures. Out of these days of the years of this life you are to hew your edifice of Mastery. Out of the journeys of your length of progress will you come nearer to the Eternal Kingdom's recognition. Not one of you has a day or a conquest to lose. The events before you shall be rapturous with spiritual joys for those who in this lifetime come to full love of their Lord.

SpeakerPodcastThe Spiritual Value of Inner Perception
08/27/2017 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

We all possess extrasensory perception, but few have developed it. This faculty is attuned to dimensions which are invisible to physical sight, and includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, etc. We are not whole until we are able to use all of the God powers within us. There are not only benefits to be gained by the development of these faculties, but also dangers. One must be strong enough to confront whatever is revealed for extended vision gives insight into the inner side of all things. We will be of much greater usefulness to others when we are able to see super-physically, but we will also be aware of a greater responsibility toward God.