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Today's Meditation Watchword

"Look upon the skies, the earth, and the air as Celestial Joys."
Thomas Traherne

Flower A. Newhouse

Today's Inspirational Message

Compiled by Reverend Hal Lingerman

Shine In the Radiance of the Christ Light

Then will the righteous shine forth like the sun
in the kingdom of their Father.

Matthew 13: 43

The Christ Spirit is really the aura of our Lord, extending to and including every portion of the Earth.

Whatever is Christ-like in essence, quality, mentality and conduct adds to the content of the ever-expanding Christ Spirit.

We might also consider it as a tremendous reservoir of Light that encircles the Earth whose function is to bless, to redeem, to spiritualize, to love and to heal all who make prayerful requests in the name of the Christ Spirit.

This tremendous sea of pure energy is activated and distributed by the Christ Angels.

Excerpts from Flower A. Newhouse
Path Toward Enlightenment, Vol. 1

Flower A. Newhouse